Pelin Tan

Photo: Romany Camp, Volos, Greece, 2009.

Pelin Tan is a Sociologist and Art Historian. She was a researcher at the Institute of Social Sciences, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul (2001-2010). In 2008, she was a guest professor at the Academy of Fine Arts, Architecture and Urban Research MA Program, Nuremberg. Guest lecturer at the History of Art Departments at the Technical University, Berlin (2006?2007) and Trier University, Trier (2004). Tan is currently working on her publication Unconditional Hospitality and Architecture (forthcoming) and co-edited (with Sezgin Boynik) the publication Public Space Discussion in Contemporary Art (2007). She is the editor of Muhtelif contemporary art magazine, and has contributed to numerous publications including: Becoming Istanbul, An Encyclopedia (2008); When Things Cast No Shadow (catalog, 5th Berlin Biennale) (2008); Megastructure Reloaded (2008); and Contemporary Art In Turkey: 1986?2006 (2007). Tan is a research fellow in 2011 Spring at the ACT program of the Department of Architecture ? School of Architecture and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Tan lives and works in Istanbul.